Scoring media coverage is great; knowing how to leverage it is better

Merchandising your media coverage is like icing on a cake. You get more mileage from the article by merchandising the coverage and the reporter does too. Getting a bump in readership is important to reporters because it demonstrates to editors that people are reading their material.

If people are reading articles, reporters are more likely to turn to you as a source the next time there is a story opportunity.

Here are a few ways to get more mileage from your media coverage:

  • Socialize articles by posting them on your Facebook page, Tweeting them and promoting them on LinkedIn.
  • Feature articles on your website. A good business website has a special tab for news coverage where people can quickly see articles written about you and your firm.
  • Write a blog about it. You may only need a quick couple of lines to introduce the subject, then you can link to the article in the blog. This also is another opportunity to Tweet your blog.
  • Include the article in your newsletter. If you send a newsletter to prospects and customers, include a link to recent articles. People feel good about doing business with someone who has been featured positively in the media.

If the article contains a photo, logo, chart, graph or other image, make sure to include that as well. It is eye candy for the reader.

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