The value of thought leadership in PR

We have been working with high-growth companies for a long time, and during these years we’ve been fortunate to work with thought leaders who have made an indelible mark on their industries.

What do these entrepreneurs and corporate change agents all have in common? Do they work harder? Are they that much smarter? Perhaps. Yet the one thing that thought leaders share is a clear vision and the ability and desire to talk about it.

When we encounter a thought leader, we always are so excited. A thought leader and a good reporter are a match made in heaven. Thought leaders love to evangelize their ideas, and reporters love working with sources that provide fresh and interesting content. This is when the magic happens.

Some of our favorite ways to supercharge our clients’ PR efforts is to tap thought leaders:

  • Byline articles that we ghost-write for thought leaders make welcome submissions to both national trade publications and local business media.
  • Thought leaders make great sources for articles focused on industry trends and projections.
  • White papers and infographics created with the help of thought leaders provide interesting content for PR, lead generation and social media efforts.
  • Industry conferences are always looking for dynamic thought leaders to speak as keynotes or as part of panels.

Do you have a thought leader in your company?

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