Ask the PR Pro: What can I do if the reporter makes a mistake?

Reporters are human and they can make mistakes. It’s important not to take it personally. Reporters are overburdened and are called on to do more work with fewer resources than ever. Sometimes that means that an editor isn’t reviewing their articles.

If a mistake happens, it’s okay to ask the reporter to make a change to the online edition. Reporters pride themselves on producing accurate work, so typically they are happy to make a correction.

That said, it’s not fair to ask a reporter to change something you DID say, just because you don’t like the quote. There are a couple of ways to avoid this happening. First, work with a PR team that provides ongoing media coaching, which will enable you to continually improve your interviewing skills. Secondly, work with a PR team that will be on the phone with you as a silent partner during phone interviews. This way, the PR person has a record of the interview and can approach the reporter on your behalf to help resolve the problem.

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