Let your content out of the closet

Ask any woman and she will tell you: if your closet has the basics (think little black dress), you can change the accessories and have a whole new look.

The same is true with your content, and included in this category are byline articles you contribute to trade publications.

One of the easiest ways to optimize an investment in a byline article is to offer it to industry newsletters once it appears in the original publication. Take the example of our client, who writes a regular monthly column as a thought leader for a trade publication. The column covers trends and issues in their industry and his expert vision of its future.

Once the material is published in the magazine, we look for other venues where we can gain additional exposure and reach their target audience. State and regional trade associations are ideal because they publish weekly or monthly newsletters and frequently need fresh content. They often are willing to publish versions of the column to distribute to their membership.

This is a win-win for everyone: our client reaches deeper into the target audience, the association newsletter has fresh content, and we are able to get more mileage from material that is already generated.

Before embarking on this strategy, review the policies about column ownership with the original publication. Most industry publications are happy to have their content distributed by non-competing publications with proper attribution.

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