Ask the PR Pro: Why do PR programs fail?

PR programs can fail for a number of reasons, and it’s not always the PR firm’s fault. Here are the most frequent reasons we think programs fail:

  1. The PR firm does a bait and switch. Senior level consultants are available during the sales process and then hand off the day-to-day activities to a junior-level associate who lacks the experience necessary to manage an account and work effectively with reporters.
  2. A PR rep lacks creativity. There are terrific opportunities to garner exposure if your PR rep has the creativity to see them. Current events, trends, proprietary data and unique thought leadership all can be leveraged into media opportunities.
  3. The budget is too small. It takes a certain amount of time to develop and pitch ideas to reporters, cultivate relationships, write content and lay the groundwork necessary for a client to be regarded as trustworthy by reporters. An underfunded PR program won’t deliver the expected results for the client and will frustrate your PR rep.
  4. Poor client oversight. A strong PR program thrives on a steady diet of fresh information. After all, a PR rep’s job is to package the information in a way that appeals to reporters. If the PR firm isn’t provided necessary information, the program quickly dies. Conversely, a PR team with a client who is open with information should be able to find plenty of opportunities for targeted coverage.
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