Ask the PR Pro: What is the best day to send a news release?

There are many theories about the best day and time to distribute a news release for maximum impact. Truth is, there’s no simple answer, but there are some general guidelines to help you decide when to announce your news.

  • Generally, early morning (6 am) news releases have a greater chance of being picked up in early morning business round-up emails.
  • Avoiding Monday and Fridays, if possible, will increase the chances your release is seen by reporters taking long weekends off work.
  • If you have news to announce that you want to “bury,” release late in the day on a Friday. At this point, most print editions have been released to the printer for both Saturday and Sunday.
  • If your news is tied to a holiday or event, release it a week or more in advance to give reporters time to conduct interviews and work your news into their stories.
  • Don’t discount holiday periods. While some PR folks avoid holiday weeks like the plague, we’ve found that reporters are hungry for news during these slow periods.
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