Ask the PR Pro: Will the media cover my company if we have no customers?

The ideal scenario in B2B public relations is to have a customer who will tell your story to reporters. These “case study” stories are preferred by reporters because they are instructional for their readers.

Some companies are too young to have established customers and others have customers that don’t allow their name to be divulged. This doesn’t mean your company can’t garner media attention, but you will have to work harder for it.

Here are some ways to get reporters to pay attention to your company, even without customer testimonials:

  • Provide audacious thought leadership. Opinions and approaches that buck tradition are attractive to reporters, who are always looking for something new or controversial.
  • Deliver original research or statistics. Research that supports your business or provides unique insight will give reporters a new angle on your industry.
  • Create an infographic. Information from various sources can be curated and turned into infographics that visually provide insight into your industry.
  • Be aware of current events. Think about how your company or product ties into the news. If you can quickly provide a link between your brand and current events you may be able to garner media coverage. Just make sure your tie-in is tasteful.
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