First impressions are lasting

Recently, I needed to have some glass replaced in my house so I went to the local glass and mirror shop a few miles up the road. The shop looked a little shabby from the outside, but I went in anyway.

After just a few seconds in the store, I knew I wouldn’t buy anything from this craftsman. The furniture in the waiting room was ripped and stained, the carpet was filthy and, worse yet, the only glass samples were 4” x 4” tiles. The entire operation sent the message that the work would be second rate.

I left and took my business elsewhere.

My experience is similar to what prospective customers experience when landing on websites that are poorly designed and out of date. Just as a front office is the first impression for brick and mortar businesses, so is the website for B2B companies.

A little website maintenance goes a long way in conveying the right image:

  1. Keep it clean: Update information regularly and remove or archive dated information.
  2. Make sure links work.
  3. Check the navigation of the site to ensure it’s intuitive for new visitors.
  4. Refresh language and graphics so the site looks and sounds fresh.
  5. Update blogs or add social media feeds that add new information to the site daily or weekly.
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