How to get long term value from marketing videos

I recently wrote about how popular video is in content marketing and the many benefits of including video in marketing efforts.

One of the reasons that video is so popular is because it is relatively easy to produce. Videos were once used only by large companies with big budgets. Today, a smart phone and some editing tools are all that’s needed to produce a short video.

However, just because video production is easy doesn’t mean that you should ignore best practices. To get the most long-term value from a video consider the following tips:

  • Keep it short. Attention spans are short and time is scarce, so keep videos to a minute or less. If material is too complicated to fit into that time frame, do several smaller videos. For example, instead of a long video testimonial, produce several short testimonials.
  • Use a professional narrator. Executives and other employees may not be comfortable speaking on video. In addition, people come and go at all levels, which could easily date a video. Telling a story with video and voice over narration solves these problems.
  • Design content for easy editing. Think about videos in 15 second increments so these sections can be pulled out and used on social media or for other uses. This can be done by creating a simple storyboard (before the video is created) that shows the concept you want to cover, the visuals you want to show, and the narrative. By looking at each of these as standalone micro videos, the script will be more cohesive. Also, this is a great way to improve the longevity of videos, since sections can be updated as needed.

Finally, viewers watch videos on different platforms, so it is important to test the video to make sure it looks good on a smartphone, tablet and laptop.

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