Crisis & Issues Management

The best way to manage a public relations crisis is to avoid it in the first place. Clarus Communications works with companies in volatile industries to identify potential problems, suggest which issues are avoidable, and develop crisis communications plans to implement in the event of a true crisis. Should a crisis arise, our team works with you to ensure the plan is implemented properly, and to provide the necessary support and counsel.

Client: Galileo International

Location: Chicago

Galileo International is one of the world’s leading providers of electronic global distribution services, connecting approximately 49,000 travel agency locations to 425 airlines, 21 car rental companies, 70,000 hotel properties, and a wide array of tour operators and cruise lines throughout the world. The corporate communications department was handed a headache when the company’s IT department realized Y2K problems might prevent agency partners from accepting bookings. Galileo contacted Clarus Communications for help in disseminating binders of technical documentation worldwide in a short time. We visited Galileo datacenters and met with various executives, wrote the binder information, gathered approvals, and coordinated with the printer and shipper, all in a two-month period.

When communications crises occur, Clarus Communications provides solutions.

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