Strategic Planning

Hockey great Wayne Gretsky attributed his success to his vision on the ice: “I skate to where the puck is going to be.” Clarus Communications uses this same kind of vision in developing strategic marketing communications plans. Our public relations and social media plans map to your business goals, they have built in measurements and we are accountable for them.

Client: Geodesic Systems

Location: Chicago

Makers of a solution that detects and fixes software bugs, Geodesic Systems management decided the time was right to seek a buyer for the company. The building blocks were in place but the company didn’t have much awareness in the industry. Geodesic hired Clarus Communications to create a personality for the organization, build market knowledge of the company and boost sales. The ultimate goal was to position the company for acquisition within 18 months. To supercharge the effort, Clarus Communications suggested front-loading the plan, breaking out of the gate with a heavy media campaign during the first nine months of the program. The company saw phenomenal success in targeted trades and was acquired in just 11 months.

Client: LinkAir Communications

Location: Santa Clara and Beijing

LinkAir Communications entered a crowded and fiercely competitive market with a new technology for next generation wireless telecom systems. The company’s marketing director partnered with Clarus Communications to quickly build an image and presence for the company to help it compete with the likes of Qualcomm and Motorola. Although the technology would not be commercially available for several years, the company needed to begin developing interest among thought-leaders to drive customer trials. Within a year, Wireless Week named LinkAir one of the Top 20 Wireless Companies to Watch. Clarus Communications received a Prism Award from the Public Relations Society of America for our design and execution of the marketing communications plan launching the company into the U.S. and Chinese markets.

Clarus can create the perfect strategic plan for your company.